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A full day with TMC to look on the best of It's Tissue! 2015


TMC increases 4 times its presence during it's Tissue! 2015

TMC is traditionally the first to perform business in its field. Even during the days of It's Tissue! 2015 it will welcome guests at first, in the early morning, in its premises in Lucca for "The Good Start": an extraordinary breakfast, based on prized coffee and spectacular, tasty and refined delights of the area and especially innovations and new Tissue packaging machinery, licensed by TMC.

Even this year TMC decided to contribute, in partnership with the most innovative companies of the industry, to the set-up of the complete production line with the most advanced technologies in the world. Therefore it will be attending the Futura Lab with the first packaging machine remotely controlled, it will be present in PCMC with the first and only fully modular packaging machine and in MTC with the first automatic packaging in plastic material of interfolded towels.

The company has chosen to attend this event, essential to the industry, in such a widespread way because 2015 is a determining year in the history of TMC.
The new logo and the new ultra-modern headquarters in Bologna emphasize and underline the changes to which the company has been working in recent months.
The new management team that took office from the beginning of the year has very clear ideas about the 3 main objectives to be pursued:

  1. Strong dynamism, to face an ever-changing backdrop and preserving the company's history of success;
  2. Focus on Tissue, to focus on  all the forces in the field of Tissue and support customers at the best;
  3. Always be one step ahead, to continue to be the top innovators in packaging machines for Tissue, always working on technologies, process optimization and long-term support.

To keep to the objectives TMC has adopted a new organizational structure, in particular, it was created a new team to look after to the  complex projects and set up a department of R & D offline, to explore new paths, even the most "disruptive".

Davide Pasqualotto



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